“Supply chain executives at some of the country’s largest health systems are searching worldwide for manufacturers that can help them cut costs while maintaining quality,” writes HealthLeaders Media Senior Finance Editor Christopher Cheney.

Cheney recently spoke to Marc Prisament, director of product development and global sourcing for NewYork-Presbyterian, Joshua Sandler, director of business development at Mercy’s Resource Optimization & Innovation (ROi) and ASP Global CEO Lorne Tritt about the value global sourcing with ASP Global provides hospital CFOs, supply chain and purchasing executives.

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“Global sourcing means going directly in the world marketplace to the manufacturers who make the product at the lowest cost without sacrificing quality,” Prisament says. “It is as much an art as it is a science.”


“Engaging clinical end-users at the beginning of a sourcing change process is critically important. ‘You need to have clinical input. You don’t want to bring in items and not be able to push them out to the clinical end users,’ Sandler says.”

With ASP Global’s inside-out approach to global sourcing of hospital products, clinicians’ input improves quality and satisfaction while reducing cost at the same time.

Read the entire article in HealthLeaders Media online here.

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