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Agape Hospice, one of South Carolina’s largest providers of hospice services, has enlisted InHome Medical Solutions, an ASP Global company, to drive its shift away from bulk purchasing medical supplies to a patient home delivery model.

“Our nurses don’t need to be spending their time in transit between a warehouse and the patient,” said Theresa Younis, president and COO of Agape Senior. “They need to be delivering patient care or improving their ability to do so through certification programs like those provided by the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association. Patient home delivery provided by InHome Medical is one way we are able to simultaneously improve quality of care and streamline our supply chain.”

Theresa Younis
Theresa Younis

According to Todd LaVelle, President of InHome Medical Solutions, the program has reduced Agape’s formulary by 400 percent from 800 SKUs to fewer than 200, which generates higher fill rates and better prices along with the streamlining of care and nursing staff productivity improvements.

The program has saved Agape over 20% on operational and supply costs. 

InHome Medical Solutions is a leading wholesale medical products distribution company serving home health and hospice providers and is the Non-Acute Division of ASP Global. ASP Global announced it acquired InHome Medical Solutions in February 2016.

If you are a hospice or home care provider interested in learning more about direct delivery, or if you are a hospital or IDN evaluating the ability of global sourcing to deliver quality improvement, price transparency, risk mitigation and cost savings in your common commodity hospital products, let’s talk.

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