Improving quality and clinical utility while eliminating unnecessary layers in the supply chain is our everyday goal at ASP Global. That is why we are sure to attend AHRMM- the leading education event and the central meeting place for providers, academics, affiliates, and vendors working in all facets of healthcare supply chain.

We are confident the 2017 edition of the AHRMM Conference and Exposition, July 23-26 in Washington, DC, will be a high value event for all attendees and here’s why.

ASP Global will be onsite to connect with hospital supply chain leaders seeking strategies and solutions that make the most of self-distribution programs and opportunities. In doing so, we hope to show that sourcing through ASP Global increases standardization, and improves clinical utility and patient experience while significantly reducing costs associated with thousands of products throughout the item masterfile.

Northside Breast Cancer Awareness Items

We literally wrote the book on Global Sourcing for Self-Distributing Hospitals and IDNs.

“All of these [global sourcing] efforts to improve the quality and utility of our hospital branded, patient amenity and other products sourced throughASP Global have done nothing but improve our HCAHPS scores. When we started the process of custom designing our amenity Kits we did not realize how much more of a personal connection we could make with our patients and what surprised us more than anything was how many middle layers of cost we could remove by going direct.  As a result, we’ve gone to a more direct sourcing model on other items and are looking to grow.” – Kathy James, Clinical Supply Chain Manager, Northside Hospital. Read more.

“Ultimately my goal is to get the product the clinicians want and get it to them efficiently,” Connor says. “I need a partner that can globally source products in a way that doesn’t change my quality and or improves our quality. That is where ASP Global excels. – “ASP Global generated a better product at half the price. We save $70,000 per year on that product alone and trimmed three SKUs down to one.” – Jim Connor, VP Supply Chain Operations, Westchester Medical Center Health Network. Read more.

We are also looking forward to the learning opportunities that AHRMM provides. We hope to learn about what makes individual hospital and IDN value analysis teams thrive and where there are opportunities to access the global marketplace as the industry continues its transition to value-based care.

Connect with ASP Global at the 2017 AHRMM Summit.

If you would like to learn more about how to make the most of the global marketplace’s ability to improve the quality, clinical utility and customization of your hospital products while simultaneously reducing costs, please connect with us at AHRMM 2017.

Contact Senior Vice President of ASP Global Bill Fallon via email at to arrange a meeting onsite.