A Candida Auris outbreak in England’s Oxford University Hospitals was traced to reusable skin-surface axillary temperature probes, despite efforts to sanitize them between uses. C. Auris is a multidrug-resistant fungus that has recently been linked to outbreaks across the globe, often in ICUs.

An article from MedPage Today discussing the outbreak states:

“C. Auris was rarely detected in the general environment. However, it was detected in isolates from reusable equipment, including multiple axillary skin-surface temperature probes,” Eyre and colleagues wrote. “Despite a bundle of infection-control interventions, the incidence of new cases was reduced only after removal of the temperature probes.

“The temperature probes are difficult to clean with wipes with a two-layer rubber sheath protecting the distal end of the wire adjacent to the sensor,” they wrote.

News of this outbreak renews our commitment to delivering high-value single-patient-use supplies to health systems. Any hospital-acquired infection is unacceptable but multi-drug-resistant infections are among the worst.

Our value analysis team works hand-in-hand with clinicians to source products that help control infections. We understand the drivers of clinician compliance and satisfaction with disposable products like gowns, masks and gloves. We also offer single-patient-use items that can be reused by a single patient but not shared, striking the right balance between disposable and reusable. Items in this category include stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, and digital thermometers.

For each product, we identify clinician requirements and then source or design a product that meets those requirements in a single product, driving cost savings and supply chain SKU reductions. Thermometers, for example, have multiple features that reflect clinician preference: digital display types, button placement, colors and branding, and tip design. We source thermometers that conform precisely to varied clinician requirements, allowing standardization to fewer SKUs while improving product quality.

Product quality and clinician satisfaction are essential for compliance with infection control best-practices. We are proud to support leading health systems in direct sourcing these high-stakes products. To learn more about how ASP Global can help you, please contact William Fallon at william.fallon@aspglobal.com.