Our typical point of contact with a health system is in supply chain leadership. But we also respond directly to queries that come to us through our website from individual clinicians and healthcare professionals. Many clinicians find us through their own web searches as they scour the internet for access to the clinical supplies that they need.

We analyzed inbound searches that connected to ASP Global. We discovered that the most-common search that brought individuals directly to our site was for expanded sizes in professional apparel and disposable protective gear.

Example search terms included:

  • “5XL/6XL disposable jackets”
  • “Women’s extra-large scrubs”
  • “Larger size disposable scrubs”

We see a story behind these individual search terms – we see a dedicated clinician trying to comply with best-practice evidence for infection control and professional standards, but forced to search on their own for workplace supplies that fit them.

We believe that every clinician deserves to have workplace access to apparel and equipment that fits them properly for both safety and comfort. Direct sourcing through ASP puts health systems in control of product quality, cost and design. Some of the most-common product customization requests we get are for size, fit, and style adjustments to clinician apparel. We expand size ranges and adjust other measurements and features – changing a jacket length, using softer material, switching snap styles, or moving a pocket are all possible with direct sourcing. Clinicians tell us what makes apparel work better for them, and we deliver products that meet their exact needs.

Show clinicians that you care about their comfort. Contact ASP Global today to learn more about direct sourcing for improved clinical supplies and apparel, at info@aspglobal.com.