ASP Global had a banner year in 2016. What’s ahead? Glad you asked!

Greening the hospital supply chain

Recently ASP Global Director of Sales Ryan Canavan met with over 100 nurses over two days at one of the top ranked hospital systems in the country. Integrating ‘green’ initiatives and products into the clinical side of the hospital while simultaneously advancing infection control is very much front of mind for nurses and clinical supply chain managers.

We are seeing great demand and consequently starting to provide eco-friendly pulp-based hospital products like bath basins. We anticipate significant growth for these products and will work with our manufacturing partners to meet this demand for a variety of new products.

“Can pulp-based products limit the risk of HAIs?” Read more.

Adding the value analysis perspective into our global sourcing programs

Bethany Gleim

Bethany Gleim, a seasoned value analysis professional, joined ASP Global in 2016. ASP Global is one of the first to integrate a value analysis perspective into the medical sourcing realm. Ms. Gleim’s experience will be a tremendous resource for hospital value analysis teams to engage in global sourcing and meet their financial goals.

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Keep an eye out for an exciting upcoming series on how hospital value analysis teams can engage in global sourcing to improve quality, reduce costs, and positively impact patient experience.

Adding more new products to our partners’ global sourcing programs

ASP Global continues to add new products such as warm-up jackets and complete lines of disposable and reusable scrubs to our partners’ global sourcing programs. There are thousands of products ripe for transition out of legacy distribution purchasing programs and into global sourcing due to global sourcing’s ability to improve clinical utility while simultaneously significantly reducing costs.

2017 will see continued expansion of globally sourced items positively impacting the item masters for our hospital, IDN and home health partners.

Industry conferences

We look forward to again attending AHRMM and AHVAP in 2017 along with the Spring and Fall 2017 IDN Summits, the Vizient Supplier Summit and Medica 2017 among others. Check out our most up-to-date list of hospital supply chain conferences.

Adding more U.S. hospitals, IDNs and home health providers to our list of global sourcing partners

Northside Breast Cancer Awareness Items

Improving quality and clinical utility while reducing costs in the supply chain by eliminating unnecessary layers in the process enables ASP Global to deliver value-based global sourcing and supply chain solutions to hundreds of large hospitals, IDNs, home health providers and more.

We are looking forward to adding new partners to our global sourcing programs in 2017.

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Put global sourcing to work for you

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