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ASP Global is proud to announce it has completed the acquisition of Innovative Mobility Products, LLC the maker of SmartScoot™ – the world’s best travel mobility scooter. The SmartScoot is a folding mobility scooter that is lightweight and easy to carry. This mobility scooter was created for people who lead active lifestyles but may need a hand getting around from time to time. Through this acquisition, ASP Global hopes to advance the reach of Innovative Mobility Products, LLC and their SmartScoot folding mobility scooter.

SmartScoot is a compact, foldable, lightweight mobility scooter that is designed to help those suffering from mobility limitations maintain their active lifestyle. SmartScoot is easy to fold and, most importantly, easy to transport and store. This mobility scooter weighs only 40 pounds when fully assembled and can break down into smaller, lighter parts. SmartScoot will comfortably fit into almost any vehicle trunk which allows you to take it anywhere. The lithium-ion battery provides up to 12 miles worth of range in a single charge.

SmartScoot is also designed with travel in mind. Adults suffering from mobility limitations no longer have to miss out on things like family trips or worry about the burden of traveling with a bulky mobility scooter. SmartScoot meets all requirements for air travel and its sleek design and tight turning radius makes it perfect for moving through narrow hallways and cabins on your next cruise. You can visit the SmartScoot website to find out more about traveling with SmartScoot.

With the SmartScoot mobility scooter, tasks that were once a struggle can now become a stress-free part of everyday life. ASP Global is happy to acquire Innovative Mobility Products, LLC and we hope to further the brand’s reach in the future. We look forward to sharing the benefits of SmartScoot to those who suffer from mobility limitations.