ASP Global Adds Proprietary Technology and Products to Its Expanding Strategic Sourcing Solution Offering

AUSTELL, GA, USA, December 13, 2022 ASP Global, a leading strategic sourcing company serving America’s largest health systems, labs and distributors, announced today the acquisition of Nashville-headquartered, RAM Scientific.

RAM Scientific has provided high quality 100% plastic capillary blood collection devices since 1989, and is recognized as the premiere source of safe micro blood collection systems for clinical and research applications.

The acquisition supports ASP Global’s focus on expanding its supply chain capabilities, and providing comprehensive, clinically relevant and specialized solutions to customers and patients.

“We are excited to welcome RAM Scientific to the ASP Global family. RAM’s proprietary portfolio of capillary blood collection and blood gas products further enhances the value we deliver to our lab and distribution customers,” said Doug Shaver, President and CEO of ASP Global.

ASP Global will be adding to its strategic portfolio the SAFE-T-FILL® product line. The proprietary technology allows plastic tubes to have the same capillary action as glass tubes without the risks associated with glass. SAFE-T-FILL Capillary Blood Collection Tubes, Blood Gas Capillary Tubes, and Micro Hematocrit Tubes will continue to be available in a variety of sizes and additives for a wide range of applications. They are available through all major US-based distributors. Like most of ASP Global’s product offerings, SAFE-T-FILL products can also be customized to suit individual requirements.