Approximately 30% of the top 200 largest hospital systems in the United States have implemented, or are planning to implement, self-distribution programs, and this percentage is growing. Based on our conversations with many of these CFOs and supply chain executives, they expect it is a cost-neutral proposition at minimum with significant benefits to the hospital supply chain and purchasing systems.

The benefits include standardization not otherwise attainable, improvements in product control, quality and selection, data control, cost visibility,

and reduction in time spent by clinicians foraging around the supply room for the tools they need.

Becker’s Hospital CFO / Finance just published the top reasons global sourcing should be an integral component to any large hospital or IDN self-distribution program as contributed by ASP Global CEO Lorne Tritt. Get the details on the top four reasons global sourcing is a MUST DO for self-distributed hospitals and IDNs by reading the full article in Becker’s Hospital CFO here.

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If you are implementing or planning to implement a self-distribution program for your hospital or IDN, let ASP Global help you navigate the value-rich waters of global sourcing by contacting or call (404) 696-6999.