30-year healthcare supply chain veteran charged with delivering efficiency gains, quality improvements and cost reductions for large hospitals, IDNs and the value analysis teams that support them nationwide.

May 18, 2017 – Atlanta, GA

ASP Global, a global sourcing and wholesale medical products distribution company serving hospitals, IDNs and large group practices, announces it has hired Bill Fallon as Senior Vice President of Sales. In this role, Fallon is responsible for driving efficiency gains, quality improvements and cost reductions for large hospitals, IDNs, large group practices and value analysis teams (VATs) nationwide. He brings more than three decades of experience including senior roles with Covidien and Medtronic.

“ASP Global’s capacity to transform patient satisfaction, clinical quality and utility while reducing costs through the hospital supply chain and value analysis team is the top reason I’ve chosen to join the company,” Fallon says. “We will be focused on helping those that have invested in their own supply chain infrastructure to maximize the returns from those investments by accessing the global marketplace for thousands of hospital products suitable for clinical and quality improvement with meaningful cost reduction.”

ASP Global’s program’s are shown to do precisely that for leading hospital systems across the country including Banner Health, NewYork-Presbyterian, ROI Mercy and Westchester Medical Center Health Network to name a few.

According to Kathy James, Clinical Supply Chain Manager with Northside Hospital (Atlanta), the hospital distributes 60,000 amenity kits to patients every year.

“Our new kits sourced through ASP Global are a 10x increase in quality with 30 percent savings,” Kathy says. “Reducing supply costs while maintaining or improving quality is a top goal. Our global sourcing program through ASP Global accomplishes both goals by improving outcomes and reducing costs.”

According to Healthgrades, Northside exceeded the national average in nine out of 10 Patient Experience metrics for Hospital Quality.

“All of these efforts to improve the quality and utility of our hospital branded, patient amenity and other products sourced through ASP Global have done nothing but improve our HCAHPS scores,” Kathy says.

“We are seeking to engage the nation’s leading hospitals and IDNs that share our vision for the capacity of self-distribution and the hospital supply chain,” Fallon says. “Together we can absolutely generate a meaningful, measurable advancement in the provision of value based care by improving quality, the patient experience and reducing cost at the same time.”

We will bring our own value analysis team members and analytics to the table so that hospitals’ internal value analysis teams work with a peer, not a salesperson, through the global sourcing and product conversion process,” Bill says. “This makes strategic acceptance, planning, project management, sourcing and implementation seamless. Instead of settling for ‘good enough’ through a traditional vendor, hospitals and their VATs can now choose to select attributes they want up front, then customize for them, cut out the middleman and get the products that meet their requirements at highly competitive prices.”

“Bill will take his industry knowledge, relationships and distribution experience with manufacturers and GPOs to help systems transition or succeed in the ever evolving marketplace,” says ASP Global CEO Lorne Tritt. “Connecting with these systems, establishing relationships and generating partnership agreements designed to reach their goals through true alignment, true value-based partnerships in self-distribution and global sourcing is our collective measure of success.”

ASP Global is a leading wholesale medical products distribution company and specialist in global sourcing of common, commoditized hospital products. With headquarters in Atlanta and operations in the Pacific Rim, ASP is a leader in global sourcing strategies and programs that enable IDNs, hospitals and large group practices to take advantage of lower costs and improved quality in hospital medical supplies available through direct sourcing, an efficient supply chain model and the global marketplace.

Paul D. Snyder
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