Today is Pressure Injury Prevention Day!

Increasing Awareness is Key! Over 30 years of innovation, industry leadership, and superior quality have made PRIMO one of the world’s leaders in preventive wound care products.  PRIMO offers a wide range of products that has been directly derived from hospital clinicians.  For more information contact us at 855-867-2190 or visit us online at

Can Health Systems Source Direct to Factory Alone?

“We make working with us as easy as having a factory down the street.” – Bill Fallon  Why can’t I go directly to the factory myself?  Direct sourcing straight from the factory is the superior option for health systems, as it gives you greater control over product quality, cost and design while driving out the … Continued

Pill Cutters and Crushers: Joint Commission Surveyors Take Notice

Our health system partners tell us that Joint Commission surveyors are looking for proper medication management techniques when nurses or pharmacists crush or split pills, prompting many organizations to direct-source single-patient-use pill cutters and crushers through us. We peeked into a popular online nurses’ chat board to find out more about current practice for crushing … Continued

Check out our new catalog!

When health system supply chain organizations are exploring cost management strategies, direct sourcing can offer the savings on both big-ticket supplies and low-reference items that they are seeking. Costs can creep up and product features don’t always serve your exact needs when you go with the default selection from your GPO catalog or distributor’s white-label … Continued

An outbreak of C. Auris infection reinforces the importance of single-patient-use products

A Candida Auris outbreak in England’s Oxford University Hospitals was traced to reusable skin-surface axillary temperature probes, despite efforts to sanitize them between uses. C. Auris is a multidrug-resistant fungus that has recently been linked to outbreaks across the globe, often in ICUs. An article from MedPage Today discussing the outbreak states: “C. Auris was … Continued

Do your nurses need Helping Hands for patient positioning?

No one understands front-line patient care challenges better than clinicians themselves.   Clinicians’ unique perspective shaped the development of the Helping Hands tissue displacement strap. Both patients and the nurses who care for them are the ones who need a “helping hand” from this unique product. Nurses Are Lifting More Mass Patients’ body mass index … Continued

Are your clinicians searching for their sizes on the internet?

Our typical point of contact with a health system is in supply chain leadership. But we also respond directly to queries that come to us through our website from individual clinicians and healthcare professionals. Many clinicians find us through their own web searches as they scour the internet for access to the clinical supplies that … Continued

What’s New at ASP Global

We’re Finding New Ways to Improve Quality: Knit and Mesh Disposable Briefs We work closely with frontline clinicians to define optimal performance requirements for clinical supplies, and we constantly improve products to incorporate clinician feedback. We recently worked with nurses from the mom, baby and family units at one of our partner health systems. These … Continued

Unlock Clinician-Led Product Innovation

No one knows clinical care requirements better than the clinicians themselves. On the front lines around the clock, clinicians know exactly what would make patient care safer, more effective, and more comfortable. This is what makes clinician-led product innovation so valuable.  Your clinicians have great ideas about product improvements and innovations – make sure your … Continued

Record Flu Season Causes Face Mask Supply Worries

The CDC is warning that the tough 2018 flu season hasn’t peaked yet, but some health systems are already seeking new sources for flu-related medical supplies. Face masks are a critical part of responding to a flu outbreak. Symptomatic patients, their family members, and their providers are advised to use disposable pleated face masks, along with hand washing … Continued