A deeper look at value and the hospital value analysis team at AHVAP 2016 Oct. 19-21 in Scottsdale, Az.

Within healthcare’s shift from fee-for-service to value-based care, one new team in the hospital ecosystem is playing a role capable of affecting patients, clinicians, supply chain managers and more. The Value Analysis Team (VAT, sometimes referred to as the Value Analysis Committee) is becoming increasingly responsible for ensuring hospital products and medical devices contribute to … Continued

Concentrated insights for small to medium medical device companies

A quick look back at learnings from a high value experience at the Medical Device Strategic Accounts & Pricing Conference (Q1 Productions) On September 12 and 13 in Atlanta, a leading group of medical device professionals gathered to discuss the rapidly shifting landscape for medical devices within the hospital purchasing environment. We were honored to … Continued

Talking Global Sourcing, Supplier Strategies and Collaboration at the 2016 Fall IDN Summit

One of ASP Global’s top corporate priorities is helping large hospitals and IDNs improve quality and reduce costs associated with common, commoditized hospital products. Our global sourcing programs and associated supply chain strategies excel in this regard. Just ask Northside Hospital, Westchester Medical Center and NewYork Presbyterian. The IDN Summit and Expo is always a … Continued