Direct Sourcing and the Impact of Chinese New Year Shutdowns

Most executives who work with supply chains or manufacturers are always acutely aware of the Chinese New Year (CNY). CNY each year means two to four weeks where new orders are not being processed or shipped out of China. Making a plan for your purchasing needs over this period is critical for any business especially … Continued

Supply Chain Risk Management: The New Normal

Have you noticed an uptick in backorders and product allocation? The healthcare supply industry has experienced rapid consolidation in both IDNs and suppliers in recent years. Hospitals have joined forces to roll up into systems of increasing size and breadth, and found new ways to concentrate their purchasing power. Likewise, product brands, distributors, and GPOs … Continued

Preferences Don’t Have to Drive Variation in PPE Products

The smallest adjustments to personal protective equipment and apparel can make a big impact on your hospital staff and patients. For example, adjusting the thickness and stretch of the elastic on a bouffant cap helps the cap stay on properly and improves comfort. Offering gowns with elastic cuffs and an optional-use thumb loop tucked away … Continued

Are the US tariffs on China disrupting healthcare supply chains?

President Donald Trump has ordered a new 10% tariff on $200 billion in Chinese export products, representing slightly less than half of all Chinese-made goods purchased by US buyers. The tariffs took effect on September 24th and will rise to 25% on January 1st, absent a new trade agreement between China and the US. These … Continued

Leading IDNs turn the spotlight on low-preference supplies

Categories with a reputation for being “low preference” or “commodities” can get put on auto-pilot inside busy supply chain organizations. Too many supply chain leaders incorrectly believe that value improvement opportunities are limited in these categories – that the “juice isn’t worth the squeeze”. They assign staff time and focus elsewhere. That improvement opportunity calculation … Continued

Becker’s Hospital Review Publishes Article on Common Direct Sourcing Myths by Lorne Tritt

Becker’s Hospital Review recently published an article by Lorne Tritt, CEO of ASP Global, in their Hospital CFO Report. The article, “Don’t let these myths hold you back from direct-to-manufacturer sourcing”, disproves the common myths about direct sourcing that prevent health systems from implementing their own direct sourcing programs. Tritt states: Direct sourcing connects the … Continued