Step 2 to Become a Self-Distributed Hospital or IDN: Spotlight on Clinicians

Maximize the savings from your global sourcing program by taking an inside-out approach, starting with your clinicians.

Your global sourcing program for your hospital or IDN is up and running and you are now receiving dozens of your common, commoditized consumable hospital products direct from the factory, circumventing the big distributors and enjoying 20-50% savings.

What now? You are now ready to move on to phase 2 and another high value proposition: a deeper dive into clinicians’ pain points, needs and desired refinements to those products.

Global Sourcing is becoming one of the top value propositions for self-distributing hospitals and IDN’s. For self-distributors, how many of your common commoditized hospital products receive clinical improvements on an annual basis? How would you like to give your clinicians more of exactly what they want while assuring quality, mitigating risk and saving 30% or more on those items? Those self-distributors who make it through step 2 on the path to global sourcing will tell you it is more than a worthwhile endeavor, it is becoming a ‘must do.’

becker's hospital review

Becker’s Hospital Review has published the second of a five-article series detailing the key points on how self-distributing hospitals or IDNs can integrate global sourcing to maximize the value of their hospital supply chains. To read the full article, click here.

If you missed Step 1, picking off high volume bulk buys, check it out here.

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