by Jeff Bates

We always learn something new at regional AHRMM Chapter meetings.

ASP Global was proud to be a sponsor of the recent Winter Institute organized by the SunCoast AHRMM Chapter, hosted by the Cleveland Clinic. This educational program was packed with insights from frontline leaders on both the provider and supplier sides of the healthcare supply chain.

The day’s theme was “Collaboration,” and the learning sessions pushed the audience to think in practical, hands-on tactics and strategies.

Presenters included:

– Phil Profeta Associate VP, Chief Supply Chain Officer University of Miami Vice President

– Robert Mayer Director – Product Management Allscripts

– Brent Petty, CMRP, Currently Executive Industry Consultant, Lexmark International Inc., Previously System Vice President, Supply Chain at Wellmont Health System

Each of the presenters shared strategies for suppliers and providers to unite around common goals, for sustainable improvements in healthcare value.

ASP Patient Socks

One example from Brent Petty’s presentation caught our attention, since it’s an issue that we’ve also learned about from the clinicians we work with.  Brent shared results from a CQO-driven improvement project from his work at Wellmont Health System. Supply chain leaders noted multiple SKUs for patient slipper socks used across the organization.  The CQO framework – Cost, Quality, and Outcomes” – allowed clinicians and supply chain to use a scorecard together to evaluate slipper sock options.

Just like the clinicians that we work with on slipper sock design, the Wellmont clinicians knew that slipper sock choices can influence patient fall rates. Wellmont compared patient falls data from units using different socks. Integrating this quality view alongside cost and data on outcomes led to the selection of a clear winner – and it was not the premium-priced option. Wellmont’s use of the CQO framework aligned all stakeholders in an improvement in both cost and quality, leading to improved outcomes for both patients and the health system.

ASP Patient Socks Blue

This work aligns to our own experience in clinician-led design. When we set out to use clinician input to develop the best slipper sock, the connection between fit, non-slip tread, and falls was top of mind for them.

Our collaborative business model utilizes clinician involvement to define their requirements and preferences, and then leverages our direct sourcing capabilities to work directly with factories to deliver a low-cost, high-quality product. Wellmont used the CQO framework to select the best product; ASP Global uses the CQO criteria to design and source the best product for our health system customers.

We’re excited about the upcoming Annual Meeting with the Sun Coast Chapter, and we look forward to continuing to converse and collaborate with members and our customers in Florida.