Step 4 to Become a Self-Distributed Hospital or IDN: Customize and Expand your Hospital Products for Better Patient Experience

Clinical utility and patient experience continue to improve in the fourth step on your journey to a robust, value-based global sourcing program.

If you’ve made it through the third step on the path to a robust global sourcing program for your common, commoditized hospital products, congratulations! But now is not the time to stop. The next level of opportunities afforded through your global sourcing program include customized, branded products and continued transition of often overlooked products that have meaningful, direct impact on the patient experience.

The lesson: never stop looking for items to add to your global sourcing program. There are hundreds of products waiting to benefit from both quality improvement and branding opportunities that improve the patient experience frequently at 20-50% savings versus items acquired through your existing distributor relationship.

“Our patient amenity and branded items are going to determine, at least in part, how we are perceived and measured including our HCAHPS scores,” said Westchester Medical VP of Supply Chain Operations Jim Connor. “We are using global sourcing to ensure the quality of those are high while keeping costs low.”

becker's hospital review

Becker’s Hospital Review has published the fourth in a five-part, how-to series detailing the key points on how self-distributing hospitals or IDNs can integrate global sourcing to maximize the value of their hospital supply chain. Read the full article and learn how to customize your products to improve patient quality of life and boost the ratings of your facilities.

Step 1: Picking off high volume bulk buys

Step 2: Clinicians can help cut your costs and improve quality with an inside-out approach

Step 3: Unbundle to boost your supply-chain bottom-line

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