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For Value Analysis Teams to be most effective when implementing direct sourcing programs, stakeholders throughout the organization have to buy into the process. For organizational buy-in, communication is key to realizing the clinical and financial benefits of direct sourcing. Creating detailed process timelines that explain important steps ensures stakeholders are on the same page. Communicating the focus on clinical utility and quality in products while reducing costs helps reinforce the hospital’s goals.

In the third piece appearing in Healthcare Purchasing News’ Value Analysis Team series, Bethany Gleim, Director of Value Analysis at ASP Global, details how to communicate Value Analysis goals and processes throughout the organization to gain strategy acceptance and ensure optimum operation.

The capabilities and solutions associated with the direct sourcing program must ensure equivalence or increased clinical utility, cost savings, high fill rate levels and improvements in patient satisfaction. They should be supported by case studies from some of the most highly ranked hospitals in the country in order to achieve strategic acceptance from the team as a whole.

“Organizations that have successfully done so, like NewYork-Presbyterian & ROi Mercy [and Northside Hospital] have proven that the established timeline kept them on track assuring a smooth transition.”

It is essential to communicate to clinicians that an inside-out model of procurement (one that incorporates their product improvement input from the beginning) gives them the power to acquire the highest quality products. Direct sourcing also drives out wasted cost associated with distributor markups. This ensures complete organizational buy-in which helps the Value Analysis Team deliver the intended reduction of costs and improvements in quality, clinical utility and patient experience.

Visit parts 1, 2, 4, and 5 on our blog to explore how direct sourcing can benefit your organization.

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