If you’ve made it all the way to step five on the path to a robust global sourcing program for your common, commoditized hospital products – congratulations! Now it’s time to get your master’s degree in global sourcing and wring out more high-value opportunities.

Through direct access to the world marketplace, you can source new items your clinicians and your patients demand, to your exact specifications, much more quickly in response to changing market demands. Examples include individual patient pill cutters which eliminate medication cross-contamination, custom color-coded specimen transport bags for lab and next tier value opportunities like trays with multiple globally sourced components that fit the clinicians needs more closely and do not appear in distributors’ standard offerings.

Becker’s Hospital Review published the final installment of their how-to series detailing the key points on how self-distributing hospitals or IDNs can integrate global sourcing to maximize the value of their hospital supply chain. Read the full article to understand how global sourcing has changed the way hospitals respond to shifts in industry and implement top-level clinical customization ideas.


Step 1: Picking off high volume bulk buys

Step 2: Clinicians can help cut your costs and improve quality with an inside-out approach

Step 3: Unbundle to boost your supply-chain bottom-line

Step 4: Customization and continued product expansion

Download the free global sourcing guidebook here.

becker's hospital review

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