The OB market has consolidated, heating up competition for perinatal patients and the ‘share of wallet’ that they control.

Post-consolidation L&D units are searching for new ways to take better care of new moms. Enhanced clinical services are part of the picture, but new moms also seek a comfortable and caring experience.

Leading health systems have invested in custom maternity kits that give new moms a selection of products designed for comfort and convenience. Clinicians and care teams report to us that they love to present new mothers with these gift totes and packages, filled with thoughtful touches. The health system’s brand is attractively applied to some of the items, letting everyone know where the new family got their start.

What’s inside the kit? Let’s unpack one together.

Carry it all: Health systems choose bags that reflect their brand. Canvas shoulder totes, nylon zipper bags with a changing pad, and backpacks are all options – the bag just has to be big enough to fit all the supplies. The most popular choice is the 16”x12” nylon shoulder bag with the built-in changing pad. Neutral design and colors make this bag work for any parent.

Stay hydrated: New moms need fluids. Include a branded water bottle for her convenience.

Enjoy that first shower after delivery: Every mom will tell you that that first shower after delivery is a relief. Include good-quality shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, mouthwash and lip balm.

Sleep when you can: Help mom try to get some sleep with an eye mask and ear plugs.

Feed the baby: Hospitals can choose which feeding supplies to include in the kit. Many opt to add on a complete breastfeeding support kit, with an insulated bag, reusable ice pack, and breastfeeding information.

Learn from the care team: Hospitals can include custom-printed educational materials. All include a pen and pencil and note paper for the questions that always arise.

Comfort for postnatal bodies: Our kits are designed with clinician input, so we include the practical items that new moms need: ice packs, emesis bags, sanitary pads, disposable panties or briefs, and peri cleansing bottles.

Make memories: Leading health systems include cute, high-quality, custom-printed onesies, booties, mitts, blankets, and baby feeding spoons.

Customize each kit for a patients’ unique needs: Kit components can be customized for c-section patients or vaginal delivery patients. Every L&D unit shares moments of life-changing sorrow as well as joy, and kits can be adjusted for bereaved parents.

ASP Global helps health systems to create custom kits to care for every patient. Our kits help leading health systems win patient loyalty, boost patient satisfaction, and serve patients as consumers. To learn more about how we can help you give maternity or any patient the best experience possible, contact William Fallon at