Who really controls your hospital supply chain? You or your distributors? What if you had full price transparency so your hospital system was able to gain more control?

Hospital CFOs, supply chain and purchasing managers who don’t have visibility into the cost of hundreds of goods they are acquiring all the way to the factory are essentially flying blind; losing clinical quality improvement opportunities and bleeding cash. It’s a bad way for healthcare providers to operate.

The true cost of many hospital supplies and commodities can have upwards of 30-50 percent markups on products that come from many of the same factories available to you through global sourcing.

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As our colleague Jim Connor, VP of Supply Chain with Westchester Medical told us, “Hardly anyone will tell you what [a med/surg product] costs to acquire throughout its supply chain lifecycle. I need partners for items I’m acquiring in high volume that must be consistently of very high quality, with full cost transparency.”

By insisting on visibility into the full cost of acquisition all the way back to the factory, hospital CFOs, supply chain and purchasing managers can take quality and financial control back from the middlemen and and set value-based improvements within their supply chains into action.

For our large hospital and IDN global sourcing customers, ASP Global provides 100 percent, end-to-end visibility into cost of goods we source for them from production to the point of consumption thanks to our direct relationships with hundreds of factories worldwide.

And because your relationship can extend all of the way to the factory, you can also affect clinically-driven improvements in design and quality to enhance patient satisfaction, product standardization, and enjoy a supporting logistics model that eliminates risk.

Is your hospital supply chain and purchasing program flying blind? Let us show you how we use transparency to improve hospital product and supply chain control for leading providers nationwide like New York Presbyterian, Banner Health, ROI Mercy, and Northside Hospital (Atlanta).
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