• A 10X increase in quality with 30 percent savings on patient amenity kits
  • Beat the industry average in 9 out of 10 Patient Experience metrics for Hospital Quality
  • A 4X increase in a global sourcing program in 5 years, with 22 percent average annual savings

As the healthcare industry shifts from fee-for-service to value-based care, hospital supply chain and purchasing managers must derive maximum value from high volume medical products, including patient amenity kits. A smart global sourcing program and the right hospital global sourcing  partner gets this done with meaningful, measurable results. Here’s a snapshot from one of ASP Global’s high-volume, high-value hospital customers.

Improving quality and reducing costs on patient amenity kits

One large southeastern U.S. hospital system (800+ beds) distributes 50,000 comfort care kits to patients every year. The kits contain mouthwash, lotion, lip balm, hand sanitizer, earplugs, an eye mask and more.

“Our new kits sourced through ASP Global are a 10x increase in quality with 30 percent savings,” the hospital’s clinical supply chain manager says. “Our global sourcing program through ASP Global generates significant savings every year through 30 high volume products and growing.”

Higher HCAHPS scores through your global sourcing partner

“I am confident that all of these efforts to improve the quality and utility of our hospital branded and patient amenity products sourced through ASP Global improve our HCAHPS scores,” she says. In 2015, the system beat the U.S. industry average on 9 out of 10 Patient Experience metrics for Hospital Quality.

Creative product design and attention to detail

Maternity is a major practice for this particular system. With more than 10,000 births every year, products for newborns and their mothers are critically important to all concerned. ASP Global helped design and source a long sleeved baby shirt with built-in “mittens” integrated into the sleeves to prevent infants from scratching themselves.

Sometimes the little things make all the difference.

mittens 3

Two to three months can yield eons of improvements and savings

Branded hospital products, or products that need to incorporate clinical improvements or be “made from scratch,” can take as little as two to three months from the first order to the first delivery. A modest investment in time on the front end yields long-term savings, improved value from these products, higher levels of patient satisfaction and improved patient outcomes.

4X hospital global sourcing program growth yields 20-22 percent annual savings on average

ASP Global’s sourcing program for this large provider has quadrupled in size since its inception in 2012 and yields greater than 20 percent annual savings on average. “ASP Global has proven to find almost anything I need,” she says. “If I can’t find it, I go to them first. Many times they take my need and deliver a product vastly improved from what I originally envisioned.”

Put a proven hospital global sourcing partner to work for you

If your hospital, IDN or large group practice is ready to put global sourcing of hospital medical products including branded products to work contact info@aspglobal.com or call 404-696-6999.