Professional Healing Solutions (PHS) was acquired by ASP Global, expanding its products and services from a small, regional scale to a national scale. PHS delivers advanced wound-care supplies to facilities and patients through an on-site consultation program as well as a mail-order program. By joining ASP Global, PHS can provide patients across the country with the wound-care supplies they need to heal.

Patients with wounds are typically forced to wait days for wound-care supplies to arrive in the mail after they leave the hospital. This can result in further complications. PHS provides a solution to that problem by providing healthcare facilities with starter kits with 3 days worth of specialized materials to give to patients as they leave. Patients can continue to receive wound-care supplies through PHS’s mail-order program.

“Joining forces with PHS allowed us to better serve our clients and their patients,” says Bill Fallon, Senior Vice President of ASP Global. “PHS has a disruptive business model that vastly improves the patient experience that we’re proud to bring to a national scale.”

PHS’s on-site consultation program saves healthcare facilities time and effort by handling customer service and patient education. PHS consultants understand wound-care clinical requirements as well as health plan requirements, working to minimize costs for patients and communicating with facilities to choose appropriate, covered supply types. 

The starter pack kits and our on-site clinic consultation program come at no cost to healthcare facilities. The cost of the kits is direct-billed to patient insurance (PHS accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and all major commercial plans). A covered entity, PHS’s on-site clinic consultation program also comes at no cost to healthcare facilities.

Here’s what Devin Kramer, Clinical Nurse Supervisor at Springfield Regional Wound Care Center, had to say about his clinic’s experience working with PHS:

“What makes PHS stand out above other DME companies is their customer service, not only to the staff here at the clinic but, most importantly, to the patients. I have not had one patient complain about not receiving their supplies, and very seldom do patients ask us if we can order them more supplies because PHS has already reached out to them prior to their appointment.  We have seen our compliance numbers increase because PHS lets patients know they need to come to the clinic to get updated orders before they can send them new supplies. 

One of the things I appreciate most is that there is not a call center I have to go through; I can reach out to the specific person I am looking for and I get THEM! PHS has helped us in many ways overall here at this clinic, and I firmly believe that this is mostly attributed to their commitment and passion for serving our patient population. They are always willing to go the extra mile!”

Founded in 2007 by a leadership team with 35+ years of wound-care experience, PHS is a strong addition to ASP Global’s efforts to help healthcare facilities reach their savings targets and patient experience goals. ASP Global can now grant patients easy access to the wound-care supplies they need to heal, nationwide.

Professional Healing Solutions (PHS) is a nurse-led DME company delivering prescribed wound-care dressings and supplies to facilities and patients. PHS combines clinical and business expertise to manage insurance requirements during billing, ordering, and shipping of the right supplies for patients. PHS minimizes out-of-pocket costs and denials for patients while saving clinical staff time. Learn more about PHS.

ASP Global is a partner to health systems, providing med-surg supplies, custom products, and patient preference items. By giving health systems control over cost and product design, ASP Global helps its partners reach their savings targets and patient experience goals. Learn more about ASP Global.