Realize the benefits of self-distribution (minus the risk) by leveraging 3PL assets, expertise, and facilities plus global sourcing.

Global sourcing of common, commoditized hospital products delivers improvements in quality and clinical utility while simultaneously reducing costs and improving the patient experience.

But without the warehousing, fleet and personnel resources required for successful implementation of self-distribution programs, many hospitals and IDNs believe accessing the advantages of global sourcing is out of reach.

This is false.

We spoke with Brian Murphy, director for Ryder Supply Chain Solutions about how 3PLs can help hospitals and IDNs realize most of the benefits of self-distribution and global sourcing without having to make massive investments in staff, real estate and fleet resources.

Here are a couple of the top takeaways.

  • The traditional approach for those implementing a direct model was to jump feet-first in with money and time for warehousing, trucks, supply chain expertise, and processes around item standardization and change management. The assets, expertise, and network of facilities are all available [via 3PL providers] to “bolt-on” global sourcing without having to take on significant financial risk.
  • Net/net – Global sourcing experts like ASP Global fund the activities that we provide hospitals, health systems and IDNs through 30-60% savings on common, commoditized hospital products. We bring $6 billion in supply chain, logistic and transportation assets along with the execution on vision and strategy, based on the unique pressures of the healthcare industry. Any of the barriers or risks associated with self-distribution all revolve around things we fix.

Read the full article in Becker’s Hospital Review.

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