Our business is driven by health system needs. Here are three new ways we served health systems this quarter.  

    • Finding hidden savings in overlooked categories: We identified emesis bags as a source of 25% cost savings for 10 IDNs.  Emesis bags, along with pressure infuser bags, bouffant caps, and mesh briefs are a frequent source of savings, since these items can fly under the radar of your resource-limited value-analysis team.  When’s the last time you checked your prices on these items?
    • Self-branding gloves: We deployed our in-house expertise on gloves to develop a self-branded exam glove for a large academic medical center, at a significant savings. We worked with the AMC leadership to define the safety and comfort requirements for this glove type, then we worked with the manufacturer to apply the health system brand and logo to the box to assure clinicians that the gloves inside had clinical leaders’ approval. Do you have a “glove strategy” focused on quality and savings.
    • Amenity kits coast-to-coast: We designed customized, affordable amenity kits for IDNs in five metro areas.  These high-quality personal care kits with conveniences like shampoo and toothpaste are quickly moving from “VIP patient luxury” to “expected amenity” in many markets.  What’s happening in your market? How will you differentiate your offering?

ASP Global helps health systems to improve product quality, with clinician input, while achieving savings using our direct sourcing business model.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can give you control over product quality, design and cost.