We’re Finding New Ways to Improve Quality: Knit and Mesh Disposable Briefs

We work closely with frontline clinicians to define optimal performance requirements for clinical supplies, and we constantly improve products to incorporate clinician feedback. We recently worked with nurses from the mom, baby and family units at one of our partner health systems. These nurses participated in a product trial of new disposable undergarments developed with their input.

Disposable briefs must meet a variety of clinical performance measures, and we updated the product design to meet those requirements:

  •   Our seamless knit material was preferred over other knits in the trial.
  •   Our product’s cut and stretch held absorbent pads in place comfortably.
  •   We expanded our size range to include larger sizes.

Part of our discussion with this team was also around packaging: JCAHO is increasingly frowning on clinicians drawing supplies by hand from a shared storage carton. We explored options for individual item packaging and developed a custom “two-pack” for our mesh disposable briefs.

In addition to clinical performance measures, we were delighted to see that our briefs earned high marks on “pleasing appearance”. While disposable briefs probably won’t be seen on a fashion runway any time soon, a tidy appearance and neat fit help patients feel dignified and cared-for in vulnerable moments of their lives.

Our Products Support Your Supply Chain Capabilities: Custom Pack Components

Custom procedure packs can represent a large portion of clinical supply spend for hospitals. We know there is a lot of variety in the way that health systems procure or assemble standard and custom packs, but all share the opportunity to improve quality and price on components. We’re working with our partner health systems to supply components including:

  •        Skin markers
  •        Lap sponges
  •        Needle counters
  •        OR towels
  •        Drapes and gowns
  •        Yankauers

If you haven’t scrutinized the quality and price opportunity for pack components lately, it is time to take a closer look.

Popular Product: Amenity Kits

Health systems must earn patient loyalty in today’s consumer-oriented landscape. We’re seeing investment coast-to-coast in our patient preference items, especially patient amenity kits. Health systems are interested in choosing hotel-quality components, applying their brand to the kits, and securing price improvements. If you haven’t received one of our sample amenity kits, contact us and request one today in a message to our team.

How Can ASP Global Help You?

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